Our mission is to preserve and share the stories of the pioneers and leaders of the Natural Health Movement who changed the world and to inspire the next generations to continue changing the world

Join us as we travel North America in a Story Van interviewing the people who changed our relationship with our food and our health, creating conscious consumers.


Paul and Patricia Bragg brought the benefits of natural products such as Apple Cider Vinegar to your local shelves.


Others helped bring vitamins, supplements, homeopathic remedies, organic foods and more from the fringes of the law to shelves everywhere driven by the shopping habits of conscious consumers world-wide.


We interview true pioneers and leaders who helped mentor and educate millions of people around the world.


Natural Health Is For All Generations


Mega-star Katy Perry loved Patricia Bragg and her products so much that she invested in the company and makes appearances at huge Natural Health trade shows as a brand ambassador for Bragg Live Food Products. 

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In Search of Our Natural Roots

A documentary series exploring the origins and legacy of natural products and places that today’s shoppers claim as their birthright.


Join Bonnie and Greg as they travel North America in the Story Van discovering the origins of natural products and natural places developed by the “Natural Health Movement" in the 20th century after the industrialization of North America's food supple. Follow them in this detective story that starts in 1912, as they discover the origins of the natural supermarkets, organic produce, and thousands of other things we now take for granted as shoppers in the 21st-century. Meet the game-game-changers through the early and surprising developments that were pioneered by fascinating characters who went against big money and big odds and who inspire today’s generation of gatekeepers to push the envelope of health and whole foods.


  • The Super NATURAL grocery store

    How natural food stores got super-sized and became centers for gourmets.

  • Herbs — Journey from seasoning to Medicine

    How "return to the land movements" and media coverage of herbs like St. Johns Wort exploded the demand for serious herbal supplements

  • Who needs Vitamins? 

    How Vitamins and minerals became daily essentials for millions of conscious consumers.

  • What’s “ORGANIC”? 

    How J.I. Rodale, Rachel Carlson and the "Alar Scare” blew the whistle on pesticide contaminants in our food supply

  • Designer “genes” and not found at the Gap  

    How plant geneticists made GMO a "four letter word".

  • Let’s CO-operate

    How a few simple “food buying clubs” became a source for abundant food choices and a force for change.

  • When Hippie food became “hip” 

    How counter-culture revolutionaries changed America's tastes in food and food culture.

  • Fitness "Freak-out” 

    From Jack LaLane to Joggers, to Yoga— Exercise has been transformed from fitness crazes to a daily ritual for several generations.

  • "Take 2 birch barks and call me in the morning”

    How the art of natural medicine became infused with science by educational institutions such as Bastyre University.

  • Natural products Get Personal

    From Bronner’s Castile Soap to Tom’s of Main Toothpaste to Essential Oils selling at $400 a pound, personal care has become NATURAL care,

Inspired and intended interviews with the authors of these recent books: 

  • Joe Dobrow. “Natural Prophets"

  • Jon Steinman. "GROCERY STORY – The Promise of Food Co-ops in the Age of Grocery Giants"

  • Jonathan Kauffman. "Hippie Food"

Meet Our Story Production Team

Greg Dixon


Field video, editing, writing, marketing, and publicity

Bonnie Dixon


Interviews, research, publicity


Jerry Smith


Video production, storytelling, publicity

Meet Our Advisory Board

Our advisors are leaders in the Natural Health Movement

Cheryl Hughes

Founder of The Whole Wheatery in Lancaster, California. Chair of the Independent Natural Food Retailer Association (INFRA)


Howard Pollack

Owns the largest independently owned natural food store in the Los Angeles area. and is a proud contributor to many of the area’s local community groups.

Country Vitamins

Pat Sardell

Co-founder and co-owner of Country Vitamins. Inducted into the New Hope Hall of Legends at Expo West 2019 for her advocacy work.




Deane Parkes

Trainer and Mentor for the Natural Foods Industry with 45 years of experience as a natural food consumer, retailer, supplier, distributor, manufacturer, sales rep, broker, industry board member and natural health advocate. 

Nichole Klimek

Nicole has been obsessed about local economic sustainability for as long as she can remember! When it came time to decide on a career, she decided to focus on food co-ops and independent natural food stores.

Story Van Interviews 

With Natural Health Leaders

We will travel down the West Coast in the Story Van to conduct interviews in November.

San Francisco Area, California

Nichole Klimek

A store planner, interior designer and marketing pro who has devoted her career to co-ops and natural food stores.

Corvailis, Oregon

Pat Sardell

Co-founder and co-owner of Country Vitamins. Inducted into the New Hope Hall of Legends at Expo West 2019 for her advocacy work.

Los Angeles, California

Howard Pollack

Early pioneer and advocate in the Natural Health Movement.

Santa Barbara, California

Patricia Bragg

Patricia Bragg's father Paul Bragg was an inspired public pioneer of Natural Health. Paul and his daughter Patricia Bragg have made Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar and other Bragg products a household name around the world. Now Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are investors and ambassadors for Bragg. The story is the past, present, and future of the Natural Health Movement.

We are setting up many more interviews for the next few months.

Video Highlights

Here are some of the interviews so far.

Chery Hughes on Sandy Gooch

Deane Parkes on the Natural Health Movement

Cheryl Hughes on The Whole Wheatery


I am so blessed to be able to work with Greg and Bonnie Dixon on my videos.  As an entrepreneur, it is just so important to have a variety of videos that educate videos inspire.  I am doing all my videos with them and they have been a delight to work with. Not only are the videos super high quality, but they're also, in my opinion, able to draw the best out of me when I do my videos. 

They are getting me relaxed. They're having conversations with me.  And, the result of that is that I have natural videos that I enjoy.  That other people enjoy. 


I highly recommend Greg and Bonnie Dixon.  


Karen McGregor

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